How to Start & Grow any Agribusiness in Southwest Nigeria is a guide for Agribusiness enthusiasts, start-ups and people looking to scale up their Agribusinesses.

In this Package, you will get access to a Live training that runs for a Month where you’ll be exposed to Agribusiness realities that will enable you navigate the Industry’s terrain, thereby equipping you with needed knowledge to Start a Profitable and Viable Agribusiness Project so that you can gain financial freedom, opportunity for Start-Up Capital so that you can make great life and business choices. This provides the possibility to exit unemployment and have an avenue to life changing moments. You will also learn strategies to Position rightly in the industry to best leverage available opportunities.

When you register for this package you will get 8 Simple Steps to Agricultural Wealth. A CD pack that will demystify the steps to take to succeed in any Agribusiness venture.

The training is scheduled to start Saturday, May 1st 2021.

After the training, you will be afforded the opportunity to learn into any one of the following value chains;