The KEY That Will Unlock Your Access to Wealth in the Agribusiness Sector Is Now Available and WILL Be Placed In Your Hands
Now You Can Earn While You Learn World-Class Agribusiness Skills In 45 – 90 Days, Know What Will Sell, Get Access To Market, And Master How To Start or Grow A Successful Agribusiness In Nigeria.
*Starts June 5th
*4 weekends
*3 months mentorship

So, What’s the #Train2Earn Program About?

This is the first and only training in Nigeria that offers the opportunity for you to learn how to raise funding and generate personal income in your Agribusiness using our networks, tools and relationships during training. The training is divided into two phases:

4-weekend training about How to Start, Grow and Scale An Agribusiness via online and offline learning channels.

A 3 months’ post-training support period. This is where you will access our platform, tools, startup funding and networking assets to unlock your wealth in agribusiness.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting From #Train2Earn

Here’s what people are
saying about #Train2Earn

“I attended a free seminar organized by Africanfarmer Mogaji, from which I gained insights to start a maize farm in 2014. I initially started with 5 acres, but 6 years later, after putting all I learned to work, commitment to studying and learning new things on the way, I now produce over 700 acres of corn annually”

Mr Biodun
Abiodun Olorundero

CEO Abiodun Farms

“I have attended trainings set up by Africanfarmer Mogaji and implemented ideas that have propelled our business. Africanfarmer is a mentor and coach that has provided different opportunities to market our products at different premium events. For Instance, We were given a free stall (valued at N100,000) at an Ecobank Agribusiness Conference, where I networked and retained good customers and sales increased tremendously”

Favour Adeleke
Favour Adeleke

CEO QiQi Farms.

What is holding you back?

You might not have the needed funding and still be thinking you need influential networks or relatives to access good opportunities or even think this particular opportunity is too good to be true and still feel there is enough time to register for this program.

It is not your fault if you find yourself struggling for opportunities in Nigeria, increase in fuel prices, paying high electricity bills, dealing with bad roads and increased prices of goods and services. The economic system of Nigeria is poor and the government is not helping its citizens, hence the reason for unemployment in the country.

During the COVID-19 warehouse Breakdown in Jos

Why Now?

In March 2021, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) latest figures show that the unemployment rate in Nigeria is at 33.3% of the estimated active working age Nigerians was 116.87 million. What this means is that there are 23.2 million unemployed people in Nigeria.

According to World Bank (2016), agriculture remains Nigeria’s biggest employer of labour. To meet Nigeria’s food demand, we need to cultivate about 6 million acres of land for rice, tomatoes, oil palm and cocoa, spend about N209 billion on seeds, N144 billion on chemicals and fertilizers, N25 billion on tractor rentals, 58 million litres of diesel and N5 billion on nylons for oil palm and cocoa. The lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak has made it clear to all regions in the country that we cannot depend on one region to produce and distribute food effectively to the rest of the country and neighbouring West-African countries. The recent food blockage from some regions to others is a signal that we cannot depend on uneducated merchants controlling food production and distribution across the country which is evident in about 40% post-harvest losses experienced for the past 20 years in the country. The current insecurity in some parts of the country presents an opportunity for you to take advantage of this window both to produce food, export and create financial security.

The recent Unemployment rate released by NBS

Meet Your Facilitator - Africanfarmer Mogaji

Hi...I am Africanfarmer Mogaji, the CEO of and also the current Chairman, Agriculture and Agro-Allied Group, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I started Agribusiness in secondary school with 30 chicks and finished with 200 yam heaps, 400 cassava heaps, 100 chicks, rabbits and Guinea pigs. You’re probably thinking I wasn’t named Africanfarmer from birth, You are right! I changed my name to "African farmer" legally 17 years ago.

Cool, right?

With over 20 years of experience and authority in agribusiness, I am passionate about people's development in the agric sector and for decades, I have expressed this by facilitating programs in Fate Foundation, Enactus, Leap Africa, National Directorate of Employment, Ashoka Change Makers platform and FCMB Sheventures Program etc.

In 2014, I was among a few agripreneurs to benefit $40,000 from the Bill gates Foundation through ASHOKA Fellowship.

I give back to the community by hosting “AgricBusiness with Africanfarmer” on Lagos Talks 91.3FM, 5.30 pm on Mondays and for over two years, we now have over 300,000 weekly listeners. We also just launched our online radio “”, where we talk about everything agribusiness.

I am also the author of “Farming By Revelation” and the co-author of “Green Gold”.

The #Train2Earn program was conceived as a wealth creation system for new people seeking to become agripreneurs in Nigeria.

Who is the Program For?

It is our strong conviction that programs like this will help Agric Enthusiasts access the information and support while also contributing immensely to the development of the Nigerian Economy . To this end, #Train2Earn is for you, if you are:

Here’s How The Training Works

  • Register and become one of the first 1,000 people who will be eligible for funding. The training is highly subsidized as a result of collaboration from our partners.
  • For 1 month (4 Saturdays), we will engage our participants in an intensive, easy to use online and offline training on important agribusiness techniques. At this stage, you create your 7 – 10 page business plan. 
  • 3 months support from industry experts.
  • Access to launch their agribusiness products on our online trading platform and start earning money in 45 – 90 days.
  • Access to low interest capital ranging from N250,000 – N3,000,000 
  • Access to funding opportunities and how to raise funding for your Agribusiness 
What Do You Have To Lose?
  1. Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly the same way you are right now.
  2. Do it yourself and run the risk of losing time and money, and be mocked by people.
  3. Let Train2Earn do the heavy lifting for you.
Still Not Convinced? Well, You Can Take Advantage
Of Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

This way, you have nothing to lose when you try our program.

To qualify for our Refund Program, you MUST:

  1. Show proof of completing the 1 month training program
  2. Have spent at least 1 month and 2 weeks in the entire training and post-training phases of the program
  3. Show proof of implementing ALL steps, processes and methodologies learnt in the training

Remember, there are over 23.2 million unemployed people in Nigeria currently and the figures keep increasing due to population explosion, limiting your chances if you don’t hurry now to register. 

You may think you’ll be paying between N50,000 – N75,000 like other business and training schools charge without giving you any support after you complete your training. Due to the passion of our partners for capacity development and the effect of COVID 19 on Nigerians, we have highly discounted the fee to N15,000 giving you access to ALL BENEFITS of the training including: 

  • Earning While You Learn
  • Helping You Identify What Works For You
  • Helping You Package And Access Funding
  • Creating Market For Your Product
  • Monthly Capacity Development And Support For 3 Months




You’ll get our evergreen audio file asset titled: 8 Simple Steps to Agricultural Wealth with the course so you can download and listen to lessons at your convenience before classes begin.

Remember, success loves speed.

Since you have watched/read my entire presentation so far, I think you are one of the few special ones. So take action to stand out of the crowd NOW! 

Click the link below to create your sustainable wealth in agriculture. 


"Remember, the fastest runner does not necessarily win the race nor the strongest man win
the battle, it is all decided by being in the right place at the right time"

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

There is a recorded version of the training available for you to follow up on your missed sessions and also the full training is available for 9 months in 3 phases.

The training is focused on the Agricultural value-chain, from Production to Value-Addition, Distribution, Transportation, and aggregation in certain crops and Livestock.

This training is the first edition of its kind from, but our sister organisations have held different trainings on different aspects of the Agribusiness value-chain.

All qualified participants between ages of 21-35 who pay the training fee are eligible for startup funding but will be selected based on the viability of their proposed projects assessed and vetted by business experts.

No persons or agents have been authorized by to assist applicants. We strongly recommend that applicants participate in the entire process and training by themselves.