FarmCredit offer credit as inputs to new entrants and enthusiasts, individuals and groups after providing new information through trainings and grouping people into cluster and after harvest farmers repay Farmcredit with an agreed percentage of their agricultural produce, after which the Farmers have the option to sell the rest of their outputs to us or other buyers. We at FarmCredit wants to support commercial production of these crops to help us sustainably support the livestock industry in Phase 2 of our project.


Seed Credit

  1. Rice: Dry Season or Rainy Season
  2. Cassava: Dry Season or Rainy Season
  3. Tomatoes: Dry Season or Rainy Season
  4. Leafy & Fruit Vegetables: Dry Season or Rainy Season
  5. Corn : Dry Season or Rainy Season
    • Four varieties of corn
    • Field Maize
    • Sweet Corn
    • Quality Protein Maize
    • ProVitamin A Maize

Fertilizer Credit

  1. Urea
  2. Nitrogen- Phosphorous-Potassium (NPK), and
  3. Superphosphate (SSP)

Land Preparation Credit (Ploughing, Harrowing and Ridging)

  1. Ploughing
  2. Harrowing, and
  3. Ridging

Crop Protection Credit

  1. Insecticides – insects.
  2. Herbicides – plants.
  3. Rodenticides – rodents (rats and mice)
  4. Fungicides – fungi.

Irrigation Credit

Coming soon…