Africa will become prosperous and achieve her full potential as we pay attention and develop a solution that will impact the lives of the most important demography of our population which are the stakeholders in agricultural value chain. This is our driving force that by the year 2050 we would have reached over 10,000,000 farmers enhancing their profitability and prosperity.


FarmCredit consistently utilizes the latest technologies including seeds, fertilizer, and equipment, to ensure that farmers are optimizing their yields and processors achieve maximum profitability.


We are providing this platform to ease the accessibility of new entrants to top-grade hybrid seeds, and crop protection products. These top-grade inputs help our farmers maximize yield and optimize profitability.


Different locations require different approach in starting an Agribusiness. We are available to provide business tailored recommendations and prescriptive solutions to add value to your agribusiness while helping you grow along the value chain. We offer support services that generate profit and enhance a stress free production cycle for farmers.


Most farmers lack access to new and innovative farm practices that can help them produce more. We offer customized solutions to our clients across the Agribusiness Value-Chain. We provide top-notch best practice training to new entrants and farmers in order to equip them with valuable knowledge on how to get the best from their inputs.


Most agricultural investors lack proper field knowledge, thereby not having the right questions to ask or things to check out for. FarmCredit provides proper training and consulting required to make the investment seamless for both cooperatives and individual investors.


Most banks and financial institutions are skeptical about financing agricultural endeavors because of their limited knowledge about farms and its operations, FarmCredit will train members of bank staff to properly understand the world of Agribusiness to be effectively equipped to leverage on the opportunities that the value chain presents.


Farmers are at a huge disadvantage whenever they are accessing proper information. This information is a key aspect of any agribusiness value-chain to grow, develop and become more profitable. FarmCredit provides the right and necessary information on best practices to farmers to produce at optimum level.


Knowledge they say is power, many agribusiness enthusiasts lack this power and often don’t know what exactly to do to be profitable in the business world of agriculture. FarmCredit offers training to such teeming enthusiasts to learn the ropes on how to be profitably established in Agribusiness.


Due to climate change and unanticipated challenges, farmers lack knowledge to produce optimum yield. We offer efficient check-up and scrutiny on the best farming practices to stay updated with projections.


We have a strong network of professionals who are always ready to provide help with continuous on-field assessment and global best practice advice that will help our farmers produce at optimum.


FarmCredit consistently utilizes the latest technologies including seed, fertilizer, and equipment, to ensure that farmers are optimizing their yields and processors achieve maximum profitability.

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