Our Model


We create groups of experienced farmers and new entrants into clusters for a better agro network. FarmCredit uses the cluster farming strategy to develop new relationship between farmers and networking opportunities for our farmers


Knowledge is the most important ingredient in innovation and its value is immeasurable. Most farmers lack access to new and innovative farm practices that can help them produce more. We provide top-notch best practice training to new entrants and farmers in order to equip them with valuable knowledge on different aspect of the Agribusiness Value chain such as Irrigation farming on how to get the best from their inputs.


Nigeria in 2019 has a lot of people who are very passionate about agriculture but neither have the knowledge nor access to get the input required, even existing farmers face some challenges when getting seeds, and they usually get low-quality seeds most of the time which will, in turn, give a low output. FarmCredit provides certified top-grade hybrid seeds, potent fertilizers, and crop protection chemicals to farmers to improve their output thereby improving the standard of living and making agribusiness profitable and viable.


Access to the market remains one of the biggest challenges to farmers especially new entrants. After production, it is sometimes difficult to get their farm produce to a market or even sell at a price to break-even.  We help our customers with market facilitation, connecting their outputs to a network of markets and processors.