FarmCredit projects aim to achieve two objectives. Firstly, it is a platform where enthusiasts and professionals in other sectors can get involved in agricultural projects, gaining valuable insight of areas to tap into the industry while contributing to youth capacity development.


These professionals can out source farm management of their farms to us while we bring in our expertise and implementation through the youth to ensure they have a successful outcome. With our various models, 9-5 workers are able to build an agribusiness portfolio and apply to leverage agribusiness interventions, because they have evidence of agribusiness projects achieving sustainable impacts and viable farm projects to show.


Secondly it helps them understand the agribusiness industry and processes, bringing their acquired expertise into agribusiness sector, as a significant contribution before they retire.


The ‘4CMILLON’ project is aimed at the production of maize by the Corp members and young graduates. Corp members and Young graduates that are interested in the agricultural sector would be trained on the different aspects of the Agribusiness Value Chain.  This project will foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and teamwork among Corp Members.

4 Corp members and young graduates will be trained and taught on global best practices for planting and harvesting corn. The same set of 4 Corp members and young graduates would be entrusted with managing hectares of corn farm, with thorough supervision. After harvesting the corn, we off take the harvested corn, giving the 4 Corp members and young graduates’ opportunities to develop their business acumen.

Triple 3

Triple 3: This model helps connect experts in different value chains of the agricultural sector with young individuals who are interested in the agro space. The first 3 months involves the individuals gathering information and learning from experts. These 3 months would give the individuals on-field experience to develop their Agricultural knowledge.

The Second 3 months will be a time of practice for these individuals with supervision done by FarmCredit. The Last 3 months involves FarmCredit sourcing for huge investments for the individual that perform the best. The 333 model could also be a phase two for the 4CMILLION Project. Those young graduates and Corp members that develop a passion for agriculture can be promoted to the 333 model.