The KEY That Will Remove Your Struggles To Raise Funding From Private Sector To Start Or Grow Your Agric Projects Is Now Available and WILL Be Placed In Your Hands
May 29th
4 weekends

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting From The Program

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Program

“Before I met Africanfarmer, I was in Oyo State carrying a pumping machine to irrigate my 1 acre farm. Then gradually moved to using a rain-gun machine to irrigate 5 acres through the assistance from Africanfarmer (Farm credit). Presently I coordinate and irrigate 90 acres of farm projects in Shepeteri, Oyo State. Farm credit has helped in providing funding for my irrigation system.

Sikiru Aderogba


“We initially had a printing press business in Surulere for over 15 years. We decided to move to Mowe to start our Agricultural journey. Being in contact with Africanfarmer and FarmCredit, we have received funding support and learnt how to raise funding for different Agricultural ventures.

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Mr/Mrs Adeyemi


Meet Your Facilitator - Africanfarmer Mogaji

Hi, I am Africanfarmer Mogaji, the CEO of and the Chairman, Agriculture and Agro-Allied Group, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You’re probably thinking I wasn’t named Africanfarmer from birth, you are right! I legally changed my name to Africanfarmer 17 years ago.

Cool, right?

I started raising funding in 2002 during my NYSC at Jigawa and was able to convince six medical doctors earning high as corpers and they funded my agribusiness. After NYSC, I was able to convince a woman who just retired to invest N500,000 in my agribusiness, I was also able to raise N30,000,000 from six people by engaging an agent which is another type of fundraising. After that, I’ve been able to raise over N200,000,000 for agric projects. I am part of ICON Cooperatives which raised €1,000,000 in 90 days and also accessed $40,000 from Gates Foundation through Ashoka.

Here’s How The Training Works

  • Register on the website by clicking any of the registration buttons.
  • Training is 2 weeks (2 Saturdays), where we will engage you in an intensive, practical online training followed by a Q&A Support for the remaining 2 weekends.
Still Not Convinced? Well, You Can Take Advantage
Of Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
This way, you have nothing to lose when you try our program. To qualify for the Refund, you MUST:
  1. Show proof that ALL steps, processes and methodologies learnt in the training did not work while communicating to potential investors.

Remember, Only 20% of start-ups make it past their first year of business operation and the figures keep reducing due to policies and hostile business environment. Acquiring proper knowledge on how to pitch your project to suitable investors can help tackle this challenge. You may think you’ll be paying between N50,000 – N75,000 like other business and training schools charge, however, due to the passion of our partners for capacity development and the effect of COVID 19 on Nigerians, we have highly discounted the fee to N10,000 giving you access to ALL BENEFITS of the training including:
  • Identifying Suitable Investors.
  • Getting the Ability to Raise Funding When Necessary
  • Financial Freedom
  • Start or Turn Around Your Agric Projects.
  • Branding of Yourself and Your Project to Look Attractive/Bankable to Investors

Learn How To Access Existing Funding (250,000 – 3,000, 000 & above)

Remember, success loves speed. Since you have watched/read my entire presentation so far, I think you are one of the few special ones. So take action to stand out of the crowd NOW! Click the link below to create your sustainable wealth in agriculture. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE