“Within every adversity is a seed of equal or greater opportunity, provided we can find it”. Napoleon Hill……


Farm Credit was born out of the urgency and gap of meeting the needs of farmers who needed Top Grade inputs but couldn’t afford it. In 2012, after the subsidy was removed on Oil and prices sky rocketed in Nigeria; we had stoked all the farm inputs needed for the year. We couldn’t use all our products due to scarcity of Fuel to run our irrigation system.  We were able to give some of the farmers in our farm communities some Top Grade Inputs like Seeds, Fertilizers and other Crop Protection instead of Money. These farmers had better yield in comparison with their previous production. This approach was greatly beneficial to the farmers and the community at Large.


Now we bring you, a platform that provides Top Grade inputs to Existing Farmers and New Entrants, in order to promote Food Security and Sustainability.