All You Need To Know To Successfully Invest And Generate Massive Wealth From Nigeria’s Agric Sector.

…Come and find out how to identify and invest in any Agric project, master the dynamics and grow a successful Agribusiness portfolio in Nigeria.

Saturday, May 22nd
5:00pm - 6:30pm
1 weekend

Dear prospective investor in Nigeria’s Agric sector, In case you don’t know, this is the first and only FREE training in Nigeria that offers you the opportunity to generate sustainable passive income from Agriculture by helping you identify viable agribusiness investments you can invest in and get access to ready markets using our well-structured networks, support relationships and marketing tools.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting From The Program

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Program

“Attending the program was very rewarding for me on a number of fronts. Firstly, it reinstated the fact that knowledge is key as I learnt a lot of valuable information. Also, it helped identify key areas that could be further exploited for profits. I also greatly appreciated the exposure to a community of like-minds, I got to meet with people I can learn from their experiences so you don’t have to make the same mistakes, I got to meet people I can partner with, and now I’m streamlined to make impact and profit for myself in the Agric sector.”

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Kunle lshola - Lemomu

Advertising Expert

“The confusion of where to invest gave me sleepless nights, because I have a big dream in Agribusiness on what and where to invest. So when I heard about a profitable agribusiness guide organized by African farmer Mogaji, I chose to make use of this great opportunity, and truly Africanfarmer did not fail in delivering. He did that which he is known for as the professor in farming affairs.

“For the past two months I have chosen to invest and to be known as UKWA (AFRICAN BREADFRUIT) Supplier and Dealer across the Globe.

“I started with three painters but now I have grown above three painters and people are seeking to partner with me because of the vision and the benefit in the business. Remember that everyone needs food and not just food but healthy food.”

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Mbibi Solomon

CEO: Solorami Ventures (Farm Food).

What is holding you back?

You might not have the required knowledge to effectively operate a sustainable and economically viable Agricultural enterprise. Or maybe you have had wrong assumptions which repeatedly lead to wrong expectations and revenue projections.

It is not your fault if you have reservations about the practicality of operating or investing in a successful Agribusiness in Nigeria. Unstable policies, Increase in school fees, rents, prices of food, goods and services are some of the factors affecting productivity and the standard of living in the country.

Why Now?

In 2019, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that 57% of an average Nigerian income is spent on food and this will likely increase due to constant rise in the cost of living, which is in stark contrast with the 37.7% spent by Ghanaians on food.

Also In 2021, the latest figures released by the NBS shows that Nigeria’s unemployment rate is at 33.3% of the estimated population of 200,000,000. What this means is that there are 66.6 million unemployed people in Nigeria.

Are you aware that the Nigerian government is planning to divert pension funds and idle bank deposits to augment capital expenditure? What this means is that future pensioners might not get adequate remuneration when due.

Taking into consideration this disturbing fact, it will be advisable to invest money sitting idly in the bank into a profitable venture ensuring that you have a secure retirement plan.

To meet Nigeria’s food demand, Agric investors need to cultivate about 6 million acres of land for rice, tomatoes, oil palm and cocoa and other crops, spend about N209 billion on seeds, N144 billion on chemicals and fertilizers, N25 billion on tractor rentals, 58 million litres of diesel and N5 billion on nylons for oil palm and cocoa

The lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak has made it clear to all regions in the country that we cannot depend on one region to produce and distribute food effectively to the rest of the country and neighbouring West-African countries.

The current insecurity in some parts of Nigeria presents an opportunity for you to take advantage of this window both to produce food, export and create financial security for yourself.

Meet Your Facilitator - Africanfarmer Mogaji

Hi...I am Africanfarmer Mogaji, the CEO of and also the current Chairman, Agriculture and Agro-Allied Group, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I have over 23 years of robust field experience in livestock and crop production which has made me a trusted authority in the sector.

I leverage this by serving as an agribusiness analyst on numerous media platforms such as Channels TV, TVC News, Arise TV, Lagos TV and Business Day. You’re probably thinking I wasn’t named Africanfarmer from birth, you are right! I changed my name to "Africanfarmer" legally 17 years ago.

I am a graduate of Agribusiness management from Lagos Business School and Social Sector Management from Enterprise Development Centre respectively. I serve on the Alumni Governing Council of Lagos Business School and I am also a board member of ICON Cooperative West Africa.

Also, I am an IVLP and a Cochran fellow with the United States Government and also an Ashoka fellow. In the last decades, I have passionately trained people by facilitating programs in Fate Foundation, Enactus, Leap Africa, USAID Champion for Change, National Directorate of Employment, Ashoka ChangeMakers Platform, FCMB Sheventures Program, and various Religious Platforms.

I give back to the community by hosting AgricBusiness NG on Lagos Talks 91.3FM Mondays 5.30pm, where I demystify Agribusiness. During the pandemic, my team and I created a system that supported over 30 people to franchise Sweet Corn under our CornXtra brand.

I co-founded Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform that has raised millions of dollars to invest in farmers, which has yielded good dividend for the Investors

Here’s How The Training Works

1. For 1 Saturday, we will engage our participants in an intensive online training on important agribusiness techniques and viable investment channels using the Zoom Platform.

2. Set a reminder so you do not miss out on this opportunity

What Do You Have To Lose?

  1. Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly the same way you are right now.
  2. Do it yourself and run the risk of losing time and money, and also be mocked by people.
  3. Let us do the heavy lifting for you while you smile to the bank.

You may think you’ll be paying between N250,000 – N500,000 like other business and training schools charge. Due to the passion of our partners for capacity development and the effect of COVID 19 on Nigerians, We are rendering this training to you FREE of charge, during the training you’ll be given information on how to access:

  • Ready and Available Investments Packages
  • Monthly Capacity Development And Support For 3 Months
  • Help you identify What Works For You in the Agric Sector
  • Land (Leased/Outright ownership) and premium farm inputs for your
    Agric Business
  • Good market for your product/produce
  • Our evergreen audio file asset titled: HOW TO INVEST IN NIGERIAN
    AGRICULTURE with the course so you can download and listen to
    lessons at your convenience.

Remember, success loves speed.

Since you have read my entire presentation so far, I think you are one of the few special ones. So take action to stand out of the crowd NOW! Click the link below to create your sustainable wealth in agriculture.